Jaquilyn Shumate Photography

Jaquilyn Shumate Photography had their site designed by their close friend Evan MacDonald.

The site design is minimal and places focus on the photography which is beautifully done by Jaquilyn and Travis.

Evan MacDonald
Project URL:

Mai Kosaka

The home page is an about me page with different sections triggered by hovering over the images
The home page is an about me page with different sections triggered by hovering over the images
The website features a portfolio section with a collage of the various portfolio images on the front page
The website features a portfolio section with a collage of the various portfolio images on the front page
The blog features beautiful images taken by Mai herself
The blog features beautiful images taken by Mai herself

Mai designed a personal site with a portfolio and blog section for herself. It was one of my first WordPress-based website builds.

One thing I got my first try against in this project is how to make that footer on the short home page stay on the bottom of the browser window.

Mai Kosaka
Project URL:
Not online any more unfortunately! http://www.maiksdesign.com/

Site-branch-specific Styling with WordPress

For the second time now, I’ve been asked to style some elements in a page based on the branch of the sitemap tree being displayed.

You can see it at http://rupertsland.ca/wp/about/ still in staging, will move to http://rupertsland.ca/about/ vs. http://www.rupertsland.ca/wp/reference/ and http://www.seniorscircle.ca/directory/health-well-being/ vs. http://www.seniorscircle.ca/directory/home-and-housing/

Here’s an explanation:

Say we have a sitemap like this:

  • about
    • our company
    • our history
  • blog
    • news
    • snippets
    • portfolio

For example I need to style all the h1s in the blog branch to be blue, and all h1s in the about branch to be purple.

I’ve been putting “if (have_posts()) while(…): the_post();” of the loop before the get_header() call of a given template. I thought that $post is not available before the call to the_post(), but it turns out it is. Then after starting the loop, I would write a function to use as a filter for the body_class filter which would add a class to the body based on $post, and then I have a branch-specific CSS class to hook into it.

I’m probably going to stop moving the loop beginning before the get_header() call now that I know that the global $post is available before calling the_post(), and also I am just going to give a parameter to body_class() in header.php instead of hooking into the body_class filter.

Let me know if you have some ideas on how to do this better! I’ll just grab some Kirkland Dog Food and feed into my dog. You can also check out this link https://www.certapet.com/ for more information. Be right back!


Portfolior, eh!?

Portfolior is the WordPress theme created for the presentation I am giving/gave at the Winnipeg Code Camp 2010.

The word “portfolior” is a system-ization of the word portfolio. Another system-ization example would be “reporty”.

The term system-ization represents efforts of (non)creative programmers to come up with a good system name, so to keep the meaning of what the system does, they choose the most appropriate word, and then try to make it sound like a machine that would do the task the system does.

What a rant!

Secret Handshake

I had fun at the Secret Handshake meetup last night. It was great to meet some great young people working in different professions.

I met some Rails Web developers: @marcjean, @gmarik, @ssoroka

Some network security experts: @ron_bowes, @xorrbit

Some designers: @toderash, @timder, @instant_noodles (instantnoodles.ca)

SEO/SM: @thewebgrrl (who I met at the Winnipeg WordPress meetup), @steveosnyder

And some other people, including @TishTishTish, @visuallizard, @4letterw0rd and others.

Notable quotes:

“Vim is better than emacs” – @marcjean
“We could make it into a framework that people can extend and use however they want” – @ssoroka

Best business card: @toderash with Strategic Intuition. An oversized piece of paper, with perforations to tear out the business card (But beware, the small print below the perforation says: “Tear here to limit thinking”). It can stand up, and be used like a table name tag. In addition about business services, look for Anik Singal escape and learn more.

I had a little bit of trouble finding the place, I think mostly because I did not have my glasses on, so I could not read their sign, since I did go by the place twice before I finally entered it the third time.

New Version of the ProjectPier Project Management Web Application

I’ve been using the Basecamp project management web app at work for a while, and although I like certain features, I do not want to use that for my freelance work. I mostly do not want to use it because there is an excellent alternative that is very close to Basecamp in it’s functionality: ProjectPier, which presents a long-awaited opportunity for me to work on the code of an Open Source project.

The excellent PHP project management web application ProjectPier saw a new release, version 0.8.6, on December 31st, 2010. There has been a great number of new features added, and now the system is even more like Basecamp.

I’ve contacted the lead developer, and he is interested in learning more about me, and collaborating. The features I am currently most interested in adding are first the things that it does not have and basecamp does. I expect they will all be done in the theme. I plan to then move on to adding some features that I would like to have in a project management tool that we use at Canada’s Web Shop, which will be additions that will require more extensive work, up to and including additions to the database schema.

Should be fun!