I recently discovered odesk, an online marketplace website, and joined it. The thing I like the most about it currently is the test-taking feature.

You can take tests for knowledge within different areas of Web development, and once you are done, your profile lists that you’ve completed the test, what score you achieved, etc. They even give you badges to put on your website, and they link to the oDesk profile page:

oDesk Certified CSS 2.0 Designer
oDesk Certified SQL Database Administrator
oDesk Certified PHP5 Developer
oDesk Certified Advanced PHP Developer
oDesk Certified HTML 4.01 Designer
oDesk Certified jQuery Professional
oDesk Certified LAMP Developer
oDesk Certified YAML Professional
oDesk Certified XHTML 1.0 Designer
oDesk Certified TCP/IP Consultant
oDesk Certified DHTML Developer
oDesk Certified AJAX Developer
oDesk Certified WordPress Expert
oDesk Certified Twitter Programmer
oDesk Certified Drupal Web programmer

I can write, too:
oDesk Certified English Writer
oDesk Certified English Spelling (U.S. Version) Professional
oDesk Certified English (Sentence Structure) Expert
oDesk Certified Resume Writer

A writing writer! 😀 It’s meant to be Resume Writer.

Published by

Dan Bernardic

A Winnipeg Web programmer. Proud member of the Skip the Dishes team. Experienced with Web technologies, e.g. HTML5, CSS, ( Server-side ) JS, PHP, WordPress, MVC, etc.

4 thoughts on “oDesk”

  1. Hi Dan,

    If you like oDesk’s test taking feature, then you might like vWorker’s as well. vWorker.com is formerly known as Rentacoder.com. The service not only changed its name to reflect the diversity of the many talented workers on the site, it updated its tests for the same reason too.

    You can get ExpertRating certified with one or more skill tests available at http://bit.ly/9xTzTi. It’s free and results are automatically posted to your worker profile. You can even prepare for the tests at http://www.expertrating.com/courses/courses.asp.

  2. If you like oDesk you may also find many other similar sites interesting. Such as Fiverr.co, 5bux.net, microworkers.com etc. They have some unique features unlike oDesk, why not discover it also 🙂 and evaluate.

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