Please RSVP for Upcoming Talks

I will be speaking at the upcoming PHP and WordPress user group meetups.

I will be talking about BDD, TDD and my process of developing software on Jan 29 at the PHP meetup.

For the WP meetup, I plan on giving an introduction on several topics, based on what the audience would like to hear. This event is on Feb 6.

For the PHP meetup, I might still have to make arrangements for a larger venue – there’s usually only about 10 of us, and we meet in a cozy room. If you could, please let me know if you’re planning on coming.

Update: David Engel, the man organizing the Winnipeg PHP group opened a meetup account for the group. You can become a member of the group for free here.

Got a question? Check out the FAQs below, or submit a comment.

Where are the presentations?
The PHP one is at the Tipping Canoe office, 62 Albert Street, and the WP one is at the Princess street Red River College campus.
Do I have to be a member of any secret society to attend?
No, but you can identify as a PHP user in Winnipeg if you are one 🙂 The Winnipeg PHP community has a website, a LinkedIn group, and a account. Did I miss anything?

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Dan Bernardic

A Winnipeg Web programmer. Proud member of the Skip the Dishes team. Experienced with Web technologies, e.g. HTML5, CSS, ( Server-side ) JS, PHP, WordPress, MVC, etc.

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