Developing software for a problem you already have, or IXDA Winnipeg UX Night FTW!

Last night I had a choice between going to Amir’s Single page web app workshop (Part 1)┬ápresentation at the .NET UG, or the IXDA Winnipeg UX Night.

I really wanted to go to both of those, but because Knockout.js ( the framework with which Amir was going to show us how to build a single-page web app ) has an online tutorial, and because I really enjoyed the first IXDA Winnipeg night, I decided to attend the IXDA event, and I’m glad I chose it.

Both presenters seemed like great thoughtful guys, and I will share my favorite idea with you ( loosely quoting ):

If you develop software to solve a problem you have, you can yourself make all the decisions for how the software should work, therefore largely reducing the amount of requirement eliciting you have to do.

Probably a lot of software development contexts do not have this luxury, but I still think it is an interesting ideal to strive for, and if software development becomes as ubiquitous skill as some predict, the context of developing software for a problem you already have will be more common.