Start learning to become a web developer with the Flatiron School Prework

I ran across theĀ Flatiron School of programming a while back, and I thought it was pretty cool. They have a “pre-work” list of resources for their web development course. I expect it is quite good.

I ran across Flatiron school when I listened to a podcast the founder of the school did. I think it is pretty inspiring.

OK, enjoy learning to program. I’m pretty excited for you!

p.s. This post was based on an email reply I wrote to a reader of this blog who asked me for some resources to start learning Ruby on Rails.

I’m gonna be at Ladies Learning Code Winnipeg!

Just got this email from the organizers. Looking forward to it. Gonna try to bring my Dad and wife.

Thank you so much for volunteering to mentor for our Intro To HTML and CSS event! Michelle and I are so excited to host the first Ladies Learning Code course in Winnipeg. We are blown away by the enthusiasm of all of the mentors that want to sign up for the event!

The tech industry in Winnipeg is growing and we need to promote Women in technology. Our hope is that this event will create a community of supporters. Which will help introduce programming to other smart, savvy women.

I know you must have a lot of questions about what being a mentor entails. We just need you to be friendly, helpful and supportive while the ladies work through the course material. The session will be lead by an experienced teacher, Christina Truong. You will be assigned to a small group of students to help guide them in the right direction. Who says coding can’t be social? More specific information will be sent out a few days before the event.

We will do a mixer after the event at a nearby restaurant/pub. We hope you can come out so we can get to know you! I’d love to learn about your experience in the tech industry and why you decided to volunteer for LLC.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Michelle and I (reply-all to this email) We are the LLC chapter leads for Winnipeg.

Please help us promote the event to make it a success! We are still have a handful of spots we would like to fill with Ladies Learning. Join the facebook event to stay tuned to the action. Share, tweet, and blog it to all your friends! This is a launch event, so if we are successful we will be able to continue running workshops. This could be the beginning of a great network of brilliant, tech-oriented, women in Winnipeg.

Hello, Joomla!

I had the opportunity to work on a Joomla! website yesterday, and I have to admit it was a pleasure. I suppose that is partly because I like to learn, but it was not at all hard to do anything I needed to do, and the IRC channel, #joomla on freenode, and especially a user with nick hple were great help when I needed to consult with an experienced Joomla! developer.

Joomla! has an interesting niche with these “components“, which are some sort of an MVC implementation, so you can fairly quickly build custom apps. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about it in the future.