New Mini Business Cards

I just ordered a set of 100 mini business cards ( half-size ) for just the price of shipping, 6.75 CAD, from Order your free cheap 100 cards ( really ).

Every few months they have a promotion by teaming up with another online company to bring this kind of a special. I’d ordered through Movember last year, in April 2011 through, and this time it’s the Klout service.

p.s. Thanks to Terry Smith, a Winnipeg Front End Developer, @DesignCollider for tweeting out that she got the cards. Couldn’t have gotten them without you!

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Dan Bernardic

A Winnipeg Web programmer. Proud member of the Skip the Dishes team. Experienced with Web technologies, e.g. HTML5, CSS, ( Server-side ) JS, PHP, WordPress, MVC, etc.

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