Peridot: PHP BDD framework

About a year old – – Clean and refreshing. Assertions library at .

Installed it with:

composer global require peridot-php/peridot:~1.15

composer global require peridot-php/leo:~1.0

And had to add it to the PATH ( $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin ).

Seed of my Next Presentation ( on Agile Fluency )

I’m pretty excited to let you know I’ve finally started working on my next presentation ( after taking a break for about 8 months from meetups and presentations ).

It will be about agile fluency, and all I’ve gotta show for it so far is a ( hi-res ) photo of my whiteboard wall with some thoughts.


Today’s Job Search Efforts

I still plan to try to set up my computer further for work on WordPress websites, an initiative I’m hoping will provide lucrative self-employment opportunities, and perhaps even a product with passive income opportunities.