I’ve set up a version-controlled repository for the code retreat.

This time around I have branches with the boilerplate/scaffolding code for several testing frameworks including:

* DocTest for Python

* NodeUnit for JavaScript

* PHPUnit & SimpleTest for PHP

I stumbled across this fun course: Programming Abstractions. It’s sort of like a Data Structures and Algorithms course our two Universities here offer ( offered? ).

Particularly having fun with writing solutions to the lab “sections” and assignments. Will I actually dare to write some of the solutions in C++?

Good Husband?

So Christal is away this weekend, so Tayna and I will spend some quality time together. Last night I came home and decided I’ll make sure all the chores around the house are done, so Christal doesn’t come back to a mess.

I’ve already done the dishes, and the first load of laundry is on. I’ll have to get laundry change at the store…

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