Upcoming Event: Implement the Game of Life with Processing

I’m excited to let you know that I hope to get together with some of you fellow Winnipeg programmers and implement¬†Conway’s Game of Life with the Processing programming framework. I hope you will come!

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You can RSVP here.

Does anyone in Winnipeg wanna get their feet wet with TDD in PHP?

There is a really cool intro to TDD “kata” on Roy Osherove’s website: TDD Kata 1. I’d be available to go through an implementation with PHP. It is a very nice way to get familiar with some ideas in test-driven development, because it is very beginner-level.

I just suggested this meetup on the Winnipeg PHP UG meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/Winnipeg-PHP/events/155430762/ . Please RSVP “Yes” if you’re interested – 2 RSVPs and it gets announced to everyone through the meetup group.

Upcoming presentations

After a great line-up last time around, I’m again scheduled to attend a number of very promising presentations. I hope you can attend some too!