doctest – Testing through documentation

doctest – Testing through documentation

This page has a somewhat in-depth set of examples for writing unit tests in Python with doctest. specifically shows how to get around some whitespace formatting gotchas.

Won 4th Place in the BSides Winnipeg 2013 “Capture the Flag” Contest!

I won a book, Job Reconnaissance, for placing 4th in the BSidesWpgCTF that took place as part of the BSides Winnipeg 2013 2-day conference.

Truth be told, I probably placed 4 because only 3 serious contestants entered the contest, but aside from winning, it was also lots of fun – I now know what punch cards were used for and a bit about how they worked. As well, I got a chance to write a fun short python script.

The book seems like an intelligent, but also fun way of approaching getting a job. I look forward to reading it!