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The two highlights of this project for me were the several tricks for cutting out the images from a PSD file I learned, and the 2 user interfaces I created for the Member directory listing and the club directory listing.

The HTML & CSS were fun to create because I learned a few new tricks for cutting out the images out of the PSD file:

  1. If you select a wider area around an image, if there is nothing else other than that image in the selection Photoshop only selects the image. This helps with not having to exactly select the pixels you need, which makes things slightly faster
  2. If you copy a layer over to a new file, if the effects applied to the layer are not copied over, you can right click on the original layer and select “copy layer style” then paste it over into the layer in the new file.
  3. To select a layer exactly, you can first select the selection tool, then hold down ctrl and click on the image representing the layer in the layer browser on the right. Then you can easily cut it out to get the image to use in the CSS.

The Club directory listing is alphabetically ordered, and there are two methods used that make it easier to find what you are looking for:

  1. On the top of the list, there is a “table of contents” – a list of links to the first letter of the club name.
  2. Along the left side of the page, the first letter of the club name is shown in large letters above the first club with any given initial.

The Member directory listing uses a tabular layout, and the rows are alternating in color for making it easy to read a single row. The columns are separated with a border which makes it easy to read down a single column.

Chris Savoie
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A Winnipeg Web programmer. Proud member of the Skip the Dishes team. Experienced with Web technologies, e.g. HTML5, CSS, ( Server-side ) JS, PHP, WordPress, MVC, etc.

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