Pushing Out Blog Content to Social Media Outlets

Instead of posting content directly on Facebook or Twitter, post content on your blog, then push it out to the social media outlets.

Ian Stewart and David Pensato, two fellow Winnipeg WordPress fans commonly talk about the importance of owning the content you post to the web, and how posting content to Twitter or Facebook is not the best for ensuring you will always have access to that content in the future.

After a WordPress Portfolio Tutorial Matt Wiebe presented at New Media Manitoba, at which he’d mentioned the Social plugin, I’d installed it and decided I’m going to blog more often instead of just tweeting, then push out a tweet and Facebook post using the plugin.

The Social plugin has gone through some issues recently, and I was not able to push out content to Facebook for a while now. Also Automattic has recently released JetPack 1.2, which seems to have features that are similar to what the Social plugin provides (pulling comments on your blog post from Facebook and Twitter), although I am not sure that’s the case.

Now there is a 2.0 version release of the Social plugin, so if anyone has the scoop on the state of the two different plugins and where each is stronger/weaker, I’d be glad to hear it. Otherwise, just install one, the other, or both, and enjoy the features they add to your blogging experience!

Casual Blogging

I think I am going to blog more casually from now on.

At this month’s WordPress Winnipeg Meetup, I decided to blog more casually – instead of making sure my post is perfect and treating it like a marketing message that presents me as an expert in some topic, I will blog shorter posts about whatever is current for me.

Here it goes!

First Blog Post at Canada’s Web Shop

My new employer, Canada’s Web Shop, encourages its employees to blog and tweet through the company’s blog and twitter accounts. They encourage everyone to tweet twice a week, and we take turns blogging weekly. Some people tweet daily, and blog once each week. There is an opening for another weekly blogger, since an employee who was blogging weekly left recently. Is this a good opportunity for me?

Recently, it was my turn to blog, and I wrote an article about PHP development support tools that I like to use.

Hello World – First Post

Hello world!

I am really excited to be writing my first blog post as part of setting up my online presence at bernardic.ca.

Since I work as a programmer, and have a Bachelors degree in Computer Scrience, I think it would be good to start with a hello world. Here it is in all the programming languages I use or have used. The constraint is of course that I don’t look it up on the Web or in other people’s source code, but rather either go by memory, or memory plus the help of a compiler/interpreter:


<?= 'Hello World!'?>


puts 'Hello world!'


print 'Hello world!n'


public class Hello {
  public static void main(String[] args){
    System.out.println("Hello world!");


(print "Hello, World!")


print "Hello World!n"


#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
  printf("Hello World!n");


echo 'Hello World!'


alert("Hello World!");


window.onload = function () { document.write("Hello World!"); }


using System;
public class Hello {
 public static void Main() {
    Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

There it is. I also tried C++, but could not figure out the whole stdout << “Hello World!”, or however it would actually go. 🙂 Happy Coding!