Giving Negative Feedback — In Private Please

If you think someone can get better at something they’re doing, definitely tell them. If they have the right attitude, they’ll appreciate the effort, but be careful that you don’t embarrass them in front of their peers while doing it.

It is especially important to give negative feedback in private. It might seem obvious, but I know I’ve been given negative feedback in front of others in the past, and it’s not pleasant.

If you’d like to use this opportunity to learn more about how to give feedback, I did a bit of Googling for the topic, and I was happy with the results for this set of keywords: giving negative feedback to employee . Let me know what you think in a comment!

New Mini Business Cards

I just ordered a set of 100 mini business cards ( half-size ) for just the price of shipping, 6.75 CAD, from Order your free cheap 100 cards ( really ).

Every few months they have a promotion by teaming up with another online company to bring this kind of a special. I’d ordered through Movember last year, in April 2011 through, and this time it’s the Klout service.

p.s. Thanks to Terry Smith, a Winnipeg Front End Developer, @DesignCollider for tweeting out that she got the cards. Couldn’t have gotten them without you!

New iPhone

I’ve finally bought my first cell phone. Which reminds me I also just bought my first car.

I bought an iPhone 4s as a replacement for my wife’s iPhone I lost earlier in the year, but then she ordered an iPhone 4 herself, so I have a smart phone!

I’m hoping to get more in touch with mobile computing and development for this emerging platform.

The number is 204-894-8346 in case you’re wondering. Other contact information is at

The Village Idiot / The Ice Breaker

When I was younger, I used to go to mini-raves in the various clubs in Zagreb, I liked to dance, and the evening was more or less enjoyable based on various things. One evening I went to a club and there was a smaller crowd, so you could see everyone around you and the lighting was a little bit stronger than usual, so everyone felt a little bit self-conscious and most people weren’t dancing, making it a poor party. In a little bit, an older guy showed up on the dancefloor, and started doing some weird-looking funny dance, but it broke the ice and everyone slowly started to dance and enjoy themselves more, and it turned out to be a great night.

I like to credit myself for breaking the ice at both companies I’ve worked at recently (Canada’s Web Shop & Tactica) , and I think my “Village Idiot”-like appearance and attitude facilitates this quite well, because since I am sincere about who I am, the others lower their guard, and so we are able to see each other as normal people we can identify with.

What do you think about my claim? Do you have any similar experience like this? Do you have a different theory to explain this?

Thanks for reading.