2013 Code Retreat Pre-session

I knew I wasn’t the only one so excited about the upcoming Code Retreat to want to get together with others before the event and prepare!

After getting a hold of xorrbit on Freenode and a short conversation, we arranged to prepare for the Code Retreat at SkullSpace next Thursday at 6pm.

Andrew will talk about code retreat in general, and about CoffeeScript – his preferred language for the event.

Won 4th Place in the BSides Winnipeg 2013 “Capture the Flag” Contest!

I won a book, Job Reconnaissance, for placing 4th in the BSidesWpgCTF that took place as part of the BSides Winnipeg 2013 2-day conference.

Truth be told, I probably placed 4 because only 3 serious contestants entered the contest, but aside from winning, it was also lots of fun – I now know what punch cards were used for and a bit about how they worked. As well, I got a chance to write a fun short python script.

The book seems like an intelligent, but also fun way of approaching getting a job. I look forward to reading it!

My Inspiration ( Passion? ) for Software Development

I just came back from King’s Head, where I attended the first day of BSides Winnipeg 2013. Michael Zapp talked about the fact that he likes the hardware. That’s the fun stuff, to paraphrase him.

If I had to define what my passion is in the larger field that I work in, I would define it to be the fact that software is written by and for people. So things like “customer service” or “team building” are the things that inspire me and drive me to be the best I can be 🙂

What’s your passion?

The Serenity Prayer

I’ve lately had the opportunity to consider the possibility that I am being “negative” about various things, on several occasions, because I complain about many things. I’d rather think I am being brave 🙂

Today, I saw the serenity prayer, and was reminded it talks about that space. The serenity prayer says:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

When it comes to reasons for “being negative”, frustration seems to be a common cause. This frustration would be brought about by not achieving goals we want over an extended period of time. The two causes for this frustration, that the serenity prayer talks about are:

  • not giving up on trying to achieve something that is impossible
  • being scared, and ultimately giving up on, working toward something we want and could achieve

It seems that ideally, you want to complain about, and work toward changing, the things you can change, and be comfortable with giving up on things that we are not able to achieve.

Something hard to achieve, which usually includes most things worth achieving, will likely not be possible the first time we try. We need to be comfortable with failing, but at the same time, since many of those things are ultimately possible, we should definitely not give up on giving it a shot from time to time when we feel ready.

Good luck!

I’m definitely liking Amazon Web Services more & more. Better pricing than Rackspace from what I see – even a free usage tier.

A fair bit less usable UI than Rackspace, though, because there are more services available than with Rackspace.

e.g. you can attach additional disk space to a VM without paying for a more powerful instance with Elastic Block Store.